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Mount Huangshan Hiking Tour - 5Days
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Huangshan Hiking Tour

今日快乐十分开奖记录:Mount Huangshan Hiking Tour - 5 Days

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Mount Huangshan, listed as a UNESCO World Cultural & Natural Heritage, is renowned for its amazing scenery made up of many granite peaks emerging out of a sea of clouds. If you are a hiking enthusiast, it is a great chance to discover Mount Huangshan on your own feet.

Day 1 Huangshan

airport-hotel transfer in Huangshan

韩国快乐8公式 Good to know: since you'll carry your own bag up Mt. Huangshan unless you hire a porter, it is suggested that you leave your big luggage in the hotel in Huangshan City and bring only a small handbag or backpack with you.

Day 2 Huangshan

breakfast, lunch, dinner

Hiking: about 5 hours - western steps

In the morning, take a 1.5-hour car ride to the Mount Huangshan.

You’ll hike from the Mercy Light Pavilion, the start point of the western steps. It will take you about 3 hours to reach the famous Greeting Pine and Jade Screen Peak.

Continue to hike for another 2 hours before getting to your hotel. While hiking, you can enjoy the spectacular views of the most famous mountain in China.

Stay overnight in Baiyun Hotel (in the top of the mountain)

Mount Huangshan
Listed as a World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site, Mount Huangshan enjoys a reputation as “the Number One Mountain under Heaven”, most notably for its strangely-shaped pines, unusual stones, cloud sea, and hot springs.

Day 3 Huangshan

breakfast, lunch, dinner

Hiking: about 5 hours - Xihai Grand Canyon

Today's excursion will take you to the explore the trails in the Xihai Grand Canyon (also called West Sea Grand Canyon), which has relatively fewer travelers than the main trails and offers breathtaking scenery.

You will descend to the canyon floor by the cable car and take a 5-hour hike to the top of the mountain. En route, visit some amazing spots in Mout Huangshan, including Walking Fairy Bridge, Bright Summit, and Flying-over Rock.

You'll reach the hotel in late afternoon.

Stay overnight in Beihai Hotel (in the top of the mountain)

Day 4 Huangshan

breakfast, lunch

Hiking: about 2 hours - eastern steps

Today, rise early and wait for the sunrise on Mount Huangshan. Weather permitting, you will view a breathtaking sight this morning. The mountain peaks rise above the clouds, and the sunlight illuminates a ever-changing sea of clouds below. You can see this spectacle from a lookout with a short distance from your hotel.

Afterwards, you will hike down the mountain from the eastern steps which also presents somewhat different, yet equally marvelous scenery in comparison with what is on the western steps. It takes you about 2 hours to reach the foothill.

Later, take a car-ride back to the Huangshan City.

Day 5 Huangshan

airport transfer in Huangshan
breakfast, lunch

Hiking: about 2 hours

In the morning, take a visit to the Hongcun Ancient Village.

Next, you will hike for about two hours starting from Hongcun Village via Tachuan Village and ending in Mukeng Village. While hiking, you will enjoy a fantastic scenery of tea bushes, bamboo groves, and camellia trees in the countryside.

Then, take a car ride back to Huangshan City and take a stroll along the Tunxi Old Street

Hongcun Ancient Village, Tunxi Old Street
Hongcun Ancient Village (UNESCO) is well-known as a beautiful village looks like “ink-painting”. It was also the shooting scene for the Oskar-awarded movie “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”.
Tunxi Old Street has many featured shops and good restaurants, and makes it one of the favorite tourist spots. It is also one of the best-preserved sections of Huangshan City.

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Tour Includes :

- Professional English-speaking tour guide

- Air-conditioned coach

- Land transfers between airport or railway station and hotel

- Entrance tickets as listed

- Lunches and dinners as listed

- Hotel accommodations with breakfast

- Service charge & government taxes

Tour Excludes :

- International flights & airport tax

- Personal expenses such as laundry, drinks, fax fee, phone bills, optional activities

- Tips for guides and drivers

- China Entry Visa

- Travel insurance

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